My Vivere Salon hairperience

Last Friday, I went to Vivere Salon for my very first hair salon experience and it is also my first time to have a treatment on my hair in a luxurious salon. At first I was so nervous about it, I really don’t know what to expect specially when my mommy left me.

The first thing they did was to wash my hair and after that I had my very first haircut with them and I am really scared because my last experience with haircut is the worst that I ever experience. But, after they cut my hair I was happy with it. I have an unruly hair it is also very dry and frizzy, that is why the stylist Sir Wilson told me that they will relax my hair and do another treatment that has rebonding cream in it.

The two treatment lasted for less than 2 hours and the effect on my hair is really a miracle. I was so happy to see that my hair can be this beautiful, soft and very manageable. My mom is right about Vivere Salon, they are really good on what they are doing and make miracle on every person’s hair.

I made a step by step photo of what happened on my very first trip to Vivere Salon.

Vivere Salon.5

This was my hair before the haircut and the treatment.


My lovely hair after my haircut and hair treatment at Vivere Salon!

It was really a very awesome and nice experience having my very first treatment and haircut at Vivere Salon. That is why I am recommending them to my friends and my classmates because they have taken care of me while my mommy is away and they are all very accommodating and asked if I need something or anything. Thanks for allowing be to have a beautiful hair and for making me believe that I am beautiful with my hair!


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